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About Us

Unleashing Passion and Joy in Construction Projects that Elevate Spaces and Lives

Modern Ozarks is the premier luxury builder company of Northwest Arkansas and while our passion is building, our satisfaction comes from the joy we can bring into our clients lives as they have entrusted us with some of their most important life projects.

We stand out from our competition with our constant mission to provide a level of service that will exceed the expectations of our clients, maintain the highest level of craftmanship, and develop high-performing people that know how to deliver successful projects.

We have a fully integrated suite of services  to make our client's vision their reality.  From design through the construction process, we are committed to providing clients with innovative solutions to maximize the value of their investment.  Referrals are our #1 sales generator as we have made it our goal to create

Clark's story

Growing up in a contracting household, I was fortunate to be part of a family who was committed to faith, honesty, hard work, and giving back to the community. These weren’t just guidelines, but core tenets that forged the cornerstone of our family’s business.

Some of my earliest memories were created while picking up nails around construction sites and carrying lumber that was twice as long as I was tall. I can’t say I always loved being the “grunt guy,” but by 18, I was already a seasoned employee in an industry that seemed central to my DNA. In addition to the physical labor, I learned the importance of giving my word and keeping it. Led by my grandfather's example I learned that hard work isn’t just about who we ARE, but what we DO to provide for others. Watching him provide for his family while living a faith-centered life made him one of the most influential mentors in my life.

Committed to putting a little more distance between me and cleaning up those job sites, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas and began looking at options for my future. But I kept finding myself in, what seemed like, a never-ending search for the "perfect job.” I tested ideas, failed, got back up, and then started again.

I managed to have a little fun along the way, but no matter how I pivoted, I continued to struggle with my purpose in life.

It was only when I stopped asking and began listening, that I found clarity in the values I already knew so well. My purpose wasn’t to find the perfect job, but to bring passion, dedication, and JOY TO OTHERS in whatever I decided to do. By shifting my perspective, I was able to objectively evaluate my strengths, knowledge, and experience to clear a path that had always been right in front of me.

After marrying the love of my life, and beginning our family together, I began adding my own life experiences to what I already knew, sharpening the vision for the future of my own family’s construction business.

Our primary focus is to eliminate the smoke and mirrors that have plagued the contracting industry for so long. Instead, we use transparency to help eliminate potential stress and give reassurance to our clients. We challenge ourselves to solve problems outside the box so, “no” is never the first response to a client’s vision. While so many contractors are afraid to “waste” time, we pride ourselves in really listening to our homeowners. After all, delivering a product based on a clear vision and mutual input is always more cost effective than disappointment and unexpected revisions. We make every plan based on our client’s priorities, budget, design aesthetic and the goal of making their dreams come true. We use these tools, both literally and figuratively to bring joy to all our clients.

This is more than just modern thinking… this is Modern Ozarks!

Meet The Team

Better people + Better process = Better outcome

We start with better people. 


Thanks to the incredible work of our team and talented partners, Modern Ozarks has the highest reputation as the best renovation company in the Northwest Arkansas region.  Our community consist of many backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.  Today, our extended leadership team reflects the diversity of talent that emulates the make-up of our success.  We are committed to partnering with only those who align with our culture, vision and values, choosing only the best and brightest.

Why us

Our Mission

Transforming your vision into reality with our dedicated team of high-standard professionals. 

Our Vision

Committed to delivering each project with our clients satisfaction, relief and happiness as our guide, Modern Ozarks is the number one preferred contractor for business and home owner project success. 

Our Belief

We believe that doing it better means leaning in to our tried and true values of hard work, honesty and uncompromising dedication.  We embrace relationships,  We own our work and expect accountability from our partners, teams, and clients.  We never stop learning and growing - we excel and improve to raise the bar for the industry by offering our services as a premier representative to our clients. 

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